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I was lucky enough to work with Jessica at a child care center in Utah for several months. She was one of the best teachers we have had in the past few years. Jessica jumped right into the classroom, getting to know each child individually. Every time she came in the room, the kids would scream her name and run to hug her. The activities Jessica provided were always fun as well as educational. She always seemed extremely invested in every child's future. She had great relationships with parents and many parents still comment or ask about her since she left. I would most definitely trust Jessica with my own children, she loves all of them as if they were her own. Jessica has my full support and I would recommend her to anyone looking for quality care and early education.

- Jenna B.                                                                                      4/24/2016      

    Jessica Roundy is an extraordinary young woman. As a coworker and friend, I have seen that she truly cares about her students. I have seen many examples of her talent and I am impressed by her diligence and work ethic. Jessica is outstanding, she is able to successfully complete multiple tasks under pressure. She worked with about 12 kids between the age of 3 to 5 years old, every week she had to come up with a lesson plans that needed art and sensory involvement everyday. I have seen her not only take interest in her the kids education, but she also takes the time to get to know the parents. The kids at A to Z Building Blocks love her, because she tries to give them the same love and support that they would get at home, she is trying to make them feel safe and happy. Jessica is wonderful, the choice is simple, her preschool is the best. I would recommend Jessica’s preschool to any parent that are looking for a safe, clean and educational environment. The love and kindness and quality of the care is fantastic.


- Giovanna Morales                                                                                                4/17/2016

Jessica was one of my 3-year-old son’s past teachers at daycare, and I only have positive things to say about her!  He absolutely loved her and we loved the care and dedication she gave to all of the students in his class.  She and I would have many, many discussions about my son’s progress and any challenges that he was facing.  Additionally, Jessica worked with him one-on-one to find ways to highlight his strengths and use those strengths to help him learn how to handle difficult situations as they arose.  She had a genuine concern for the students and their successes, which, as a parent, was extremely important and comforting. 


-Meghan                                                                                 4/12/2016         


A teacher who had a great relationship with her children and their families. She worked hard each day to provide quality care and education for the children in her care. Jessica's creative and hands on approach to learning makes the environment ideal for young minds.

-Jessica Black                                                                                    4/28/2016

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