Week 21: Valentine's Day, Qq

During circle time we sing our alphabet song with letters, pictures, and hand motions to help the students learn their letter sounds. Qq is for quite. For our craft the students painted inside the letter Q with q-tips. Some even made a quilt with their paint by sectioning off parts of the Q and coloring each section a different color.

I loved this activity! The students worked on their communication skills with a partner and what consists of being a good listener. They picked a paper heart that was cut in half and then whoever had the matching half of the heart was their partner. Before they paired off we talked about different social skills that are important to incorporate in our daily life such as: eye contact, keeping their hands and bodies to themselves, taking turns speaking, speaking clearly, and lastly recalling what their partner said. The students asked their partner, "What did you do on your snow day?"

We do lots of rhyming everyday. The students are getting so good at it! Why is rhyming so important? Rhyming teaches children how language works. It is an aspect of phonemic awareness, awareness of how to listen to, identify, and change around the sounds in spoken language. Phonemic awareness lays the groundwork for written language and overall improves the child’s oral language skills.

When the students and I read a rhyming story, we read it together. For example, “The fat ___ (cat) sat on the ___ (mat). The children will fill in the blanks as I point to the picture. The students anticipate the rhyming word, which helps prepare them to make predictions when they read, another important reading skill.

We scattered the puzzle pieces on the floor and the children took turns choosing one puzzle piece and finding the rhyming match. After the puzzle was completed, we used our rhythm sticks to put the rhyming words into a song and to keep our little hands busy.

I am always trying to come up with new and exciting ways to test of the children's fine motor skills. We used a clothespin attached to a pom pom to paint our paper hearts.

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