Week 17: My Body, Nn

The children enjoyed learning about their bodies this week. As we read the book, "The Human Body" the children put together a human body puzzle. We discussed that are bodies are made up of bones, muscle, and blood. This puzzle is also great for hand-eye coordination, creative expression and imaginative play.

The girls worked on there cvc words, -at and -an ending words.

The students counted and circled different body parts as they match quantity to numeral.

Shaving cream is an easy, hands-on, fun way for the students to practice their letter names and sounds, spelling words, and drawing shapes.

I love watching the children use there imagination during creative play.

We made necklaces out of noodles and added paper Nn's and neckties to our necklace. This was a great fine motor activity while incorporating the letter of the week.

We love snack time and we love it even more when we create something fun with our food! It only made sense to create a person with our snack for our "My Body" theme.

Practicing our patterns while incorporating the theme.

What! These kiddos brought a puppy for show n' tell! Thank you for sharing your cute, little, puppy with us Derek, Esther, and Dallin!

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