Week 16: Nutrition, Mm

Can you guess the letter these little kiddos made with their bodies?! We love using our bodies to move, create, and learn.

Stencils help children with their pre-writing skills as they learn their letters, shapes and numbers. Students just color them in with paints, markers, crayons or pencils, creating big, bold images every time.

The students practicing their writing skills, name recognition, and letter recognition.

These letter construction pieces snap together to build letters and shapes! This activity focuses on letter recognition, pre-writing skills, and fine motor skills. As you can see we celebrate every little achievement! :)

The children cut out pictures and determined which picture started with the letter Mm. This activity helped the students learn the letter Mm sound.

Since this week our theme was on nutrition I added an alphabet letter sensory play. They are building communication skills while sharing the space and working together to complete the alphabet puzzle.

The newest addition to our playground! The children all love playing inside the new house.

Here we are working on our AB patterns and pre-writing skills.

Engineering with food! I just had to incorporate marshmallows this week for the letter Mm. There’s fine motor skills, engineering concepts, and a sweet treat at the end. What’s not to love!? A train track, swing, and tower were a few things the students built.

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