Week 13: Where I live, letter reviews

The children loved writing on their mini chalkboards with paintbrushes and chalk. This is a great activity because it builds the muscle control needed to learn to write by holding a paint brush and help strengthen their little fingers.

How simple and fun is this! The students worked on letter recognition by finding the letters in their name and putting them in the correct order. Other students read a book and would create the words in the book by using the blocks.

The children were able to manipulate and create a flip book to show a bigger understanding where they live. It really puts the concept into perspective of breaking it down from the biggest part of where they live, planet Earth, all the way to their house/street.

Since the students absolutely love playing with the magna-tiles, I came up with a way they can

practice their letters while still using their hands to build and create with the magnets. As simple as it was, I taped letters on the magnets. They would have to tell me what letter it was while they were playing with them.

I couldn't resist not buying these transformer robot letters! How cool are these!? They are ordinary letters one moment and extraordinary robots the next! With just a few twists and turns, the chunky letters transform into super-cool robots. The Alpha-Bots help the children boost their letter skills as they play.

What more fun can you have than playing letter twister! Depending on the child's level I would ask them to put their hand or foot on a letter by either saying just the letter, saying the sound of the letter, or a word that starts with that letter. They would have to guess what letter I was describing and place their hand on the correct letter. This activity helped focused on gross motor movement by balancing their bodies, teamwork, and letter/sound recognition.

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