Week 12: Turkeys, Letter Review Aa-Jj

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We started the week off by making these fun letter/number turkeys. They were perfect for practicing counting, number recognition, and number quantity concepts while putting feathers on the turkey! The letter turkeys were great for sound recognition and matching the object to the correct letter.

The students really enjoyed playing letter bingo! I wrote letters Aa-Jj on the feathers. I said the sound of a letter and the students had to guess which letter made that sound by putting a M&M on the correct letter.

The children practiced writing their numbers and their names.

The students below practiced manipulating sounds to create, read, and write CVC words using a word wheel for -at.

The students below used these fun magnetic pieces to build the letters in their name.

We loved making this turkey craft together. They told me they were grateful for sharks, butterflies, mommy, chicken, babydoll, dinosaurs, and more. I loved all their responses.

The children loved this fine motor letter activity. They hammered in the nails (golf tee's) to create the uppercase and lowercase letters.

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