Week 11: Dinosaurs, Jj

The children LOVED dinosaur week! They were able to create their own stories using over 15 dinosaur felt pieces.

This was my favorite! I created a dinosaur sensory tub using green Moon Sand, miniature dinosaurs, eggs, plants, and dinosaur bones. Moon Sand feels just like sand and molds to any shape you can imagine. You can squish it, shape it, and mold it! Sand simulates and develops children's fine motor and creative playing skills. I loved watching the children use their creativity and imagination. This is the perfect material for open-ended non-directional play.

We learned that di-no-saur has 3 syllables. We sounded it out together and then the children took turns choosing a letter magnet to spell out the word.

I was so happy how these dinosaur crafts turned out!

The students made a bar graph with this fun dinosaur worksheet.

Their writing is improving every single day! I am so proud of all my students!

This worksheet helped the children learn the letter Jj sound. They had to sound out each picture to see if it started with the letter Jj.

We created patterns using these colorful dinosaurs. The ability to recognize, identify, and create patterns not only supports mathematical learning, it also contributes to broader social development. By understanding patterns, children are able to make predictions about what should come next. The first step in making patterns is an AB pattern. Next, is an ABB pattern.

I try to incorporate learning in everything we do! Can you see the AB pattern we created below before we headed out to play? (Boy, girl, boy, girl, boy)

Jj is for jam. The children had jam and crackers for snack. They were able to spread the jam on their crackers all by theirselves.

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