Week 10: Manners, Ii

The children worked in their notebooks every day this week. They practiced writing their names in-between the black lines. Their name tag helps them write their name in the correct order. Some students practiced tracing lines or tracing their name while others practiced writing all their letters and numbers we have learned so far.

For our letter Ii craft the children made an igloo out of marshmallows. They loved it! They also loved eating the marshmallows. They wrote the letter Ii with glitter glue. This gave it a fun personal touch to it. The students are doing great just adding, "A Dot, Not A Lot" of glue each time. We learned to only use a dot of glue in the beginning of the school year.

The students practiced building their names by using magnetic letters. This activity is a great hands on way to help the children recognize and learn the letters in their name.

"Good Manners Matter!" We talked about different ways we can use our good manners at preschool and at home.

This ice cream worksheet was great for counting, pattern making, and recognizing capital and lowercase Ii.

The children had fun throwing bean bags on different letters. Whichever letter the bean bag landed on they had to say the letter, the sound of the letter, and something that starts with that letter.

Can you guess which letter the children made with their bodies!?

The children used a magnifying glass to help inspect the letter Ii's around the room.

Everyday during circle time we practice rhyming. Last week we read the book, "The Fat Cat Sat on the Mat." The children read along as we rhymed together throughout the book.

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