Week 9: Five Senses, Hh

Since it was halloween, the students made skeletons out of qtips for their craft. The boys added a bowtie and the girls added a bow.

I made a hippo puppet out of a brown paper bag and a ziplock baggie. I placed Hh and other distractor letters around the room. I told the students the hungry hippo only likes to eat the letter Hh. The students took turns feeding the hippo.

Hands are for the letter Hh. The children traced their hands and placed letters under their hands around the room. The other children had to find the letter Hh's under the hands and then place the Hh on the hanger. This was a great letter recognition activity.

The students practiced counting, recognizing, and writing their numbers. First they felt the number with their finger. Then, they counted the dinosaurs to match the number they were working on. Then they wrote/traced the number. After that, they had to find the matching lock and key to help recognize the number.

We did a fun little Five Senses activity as a class. The students had to choose a card from the bin and place it under which sense it under. We read a story about our five senses; smell, touch, taste, see, and hear. I passed around a lemon for each child to see, touch, and smell.

The hungry hungry hippos game was a big hit! Thank goodness I had two! :)

We love sunny days! We love to exercise, run around, and get dirty while playing in the sandbox!

The children made capital and lowercase Hh using their bodies. They had to bend their bodies and learn how to work together creating the letter Hh.

For our morning activity we got our fall number mats out to practice our numbers. They also used bingo markers to make lowercase h.

We continued our five senses lesson by playing with our friend Mr. Potato Head. The children sorted the different pieces by each sense. They each took turns putting him together, saying the sense and which body part we use for that sense.

We are working on recognizing letters in our name. The children use their name tag to help find the correct letters in a basket mixed with distractor letters. They did great!

H is for house. The children glued pieces together to make their letter H house.

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