Week 8: Fall Harvest, Gg

This was a great number activity for the children. They had to say and trace the number on their placemat and then make that number of apples (balls) for their apple tree.

Our first craft for letter G were these ghosts. They used cotton balls, glue, and glitter to make their ghosts. The children enjoyed seeing their ghosts hung on the wall as part of our classroom halloween decorations.

The students really enjoyed using this large chalkboard to practice their letters and names. I sat with each child individually and tried to help them master their letters.

The children are loving these new learning keys and locks! The corresponding keys and locks give children hands on practice with matching and counting from 1 to 20, while building motor skills. Children simply match the number on the key to the number word or stars on the lock. When the numbers match, the key will turn and the lock will open.

"Pass the Gift" game was a great way for the students to learn letter recognition while learning the letter Gg. The students passed the gift in a circle while music was playing and once the music was stopped whoever had the gift, got to take a letter from the gift bag. If it was the letter Gg, they would say, "G is a good gift!"

This ingenious, fun-to-use phone lets children hear themselves talk, so the students can really focus on every sound they say. These phones are perfect for exploring letter sounds, phoneme blending, phonics practice, oral reading and much more. We use these phones every time we learn a new letter.

I really wanted to incorporate some fall harvest crafts while still learning the letter of the week. So this pumpkin craft is what I came up with! The children glued the outline of capital G and lowercase g and then used these large tweezers to pick up beans from the cup and place them on their Gg. The plastic tweezers help the student develop fine motor skills as they explore, sort, and experiment!

The girls are painting their hands to make leafs on their pumpkin.

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