Week 7: My Feelings, Ff

The children painted a picture that expressed the way they felt. Most of the children felt "happy", and some felt "excited". I love to hear all the positive feedback about how the children are enjoying preschool.

We painted a 3-D fishbowl for the letter Ff. The children glued fish and seaweed on their fishbowls.

Each student received a fish to color. They had to find a F fin that was mixed in with different letter fins to glue on their fish. Then they placed their fish in the fishpond to "float".

We sang the song 5 Little Speckled Frogs using our felt board because frogs start with the letter F.

Derek enjoyed putting together 3-letter word puzzles. He wrote each word in his notebook which helped him learn to write words and also read them.

The children sorted these feeling cards into the different categories-scared, happy, sad, mad. I asked them "What makes you scared? What makes you happy?" ect. My favorite response when I asked a student what makes them happy was, "sleep". I couldn't agree more!

This learning activity is great for number recognition. They had to count the number of stars and then find the matching number on the clothespin to attach it the number wheel.

The children played with foam shapes and created different pictures. They also played with the bugs and spiders and made an AB pattern. Orange bug, blue bug, ect. I absolutely love watching all my students learn and have fun at the same time!

We sorted and colored pictures that start with the letter Ff and ones that do not start with letter Ff. They had to sound out each picture object to determined if it started with Ff or not. This helped the children practice the letter Ff sound.

Recognizing the letter Ff worksheet.

These letter magnets are a fun hands-on way to help children master the lines and curves that form uppercase letters. They grab a letter card and use the magnetic builders to copy the shape of the letter. The plastic pieces stick together at any angle.

The children practiced their fine motor skills by tracing their name with a qtip dipped in paint.

The children demonstrated ways of making different shapes and letters with their body and with friends. This activity engages the students to learn more about body awareness and also social behavior. Body awareness provides children with a perception of the dimensions of their bodies, the shapes their bodies can make, and what movements their bodies can accomplish. The children learned how to work as a team and with a partner. In the photos below, the students made the letter F.

For our morning craft the students glued feathers on the letter F. We try to incorporate the letter of the week into everything we do. For snack, the children had fish crackers, fruit snacks, and "french fries" (veggie straws).

Who knew these kids were learning while we played with legos and magnets?! As you can see below, we created patterns. Blue, red, blue red. Red, green, red, green. Yellow, blue, yellow, ect. The first step in making a pattern is a simple AB pattern, which we created here.

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