Week 6: Transportation, Ee

Transportation week may have been the children's favorite theme so far. They were so excited to play with all of the fun cars, airplanes, and transportation vehicles.

I created this A-Z parking lot. It was perfect for the children to practice their uppercase and lowercase letter recognition all while having fun playing with cars!

The children started the morning off by playing with play dough and transportation cookie cutters.

The children made the letter Ee using the letter construction pieces. This activity helps the children learn to follow step by step directions.

Each child took turns choosing a transportation item from the basket. I asked them if the vehicle they choose traveled on land, air, or water.

We reviewed the letters A-E.

Look how fun this is! For every number, there is a small rhyme for the children to learn the proper number formation as they drive their vehicle around the number.

The children worked on their letter Ee recognition.

You can not have a transportation theme without paper airplanes! The children loved decorating and flying their airplanes. They used letters, numbers, stars, and flags to decorate.

The children are recognizing their name and also writing them properly. We always start from the top to bottom when we write our letters and from left to right when we write our name. We also did an Ee craft where the children used tissue paper to create the letter Ee. This activity helped the children recognize letter Ee in a fun hands-on way.

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