Week 5: Bugs & Butterflies, Dd

The children had a blast painting egg cartons to make a caterpillar!

It only made sense to read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" for story time. The children read the book with me as we counted and practiced the days of the week.

I created this below to help the children differentiate from lowercase b and lowercase d. We rubbed our bellies for b. They thought it was so silly that d wears a diaper. They would all say, "Eww stinky!"

This was another fun way to practice lowercase b and d. The children rolled the large dice and had to say what letter they rolled. They had to "graph" their rolls by tracing the correct letter. This activity helped with letter recognition and pre-writing.

The children continued to practice their writing skills. They are getting better and better everyday!!

I loved this dramatic play set I created! I converted the puppet show into a store. The children had so much fun going shopping at the Dollar Store with their play money. Their first purchase had to start with the letter Dd (Dinosaur, Doctor, Dress, Dog, Dice, Doctor kit, Drill). There were a few other items on the shelf that did not start with Dd so the children had to sound out the item first before choosing one.

And...since we made a caterpillar for our morning craft, read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar", we just had to make yummy caterpillars for snack! Haha

Thank you to Austin's mom and Bentley's parents for bringing donuts to share with the class! The children now know donuts start with, "duh duh D!" They enjoyed every bite! ;)

The curriculum (Systematic and Engaging Early Literacy (SEEL)) I use is always very fun and playful. With this hands-on activity the children learned more about the letter D. I laminated Dd's and other distractor letters. I would say, "D loves to dive and dig in dirt! D was digging in dirt and got very dirty!" The children found a Dd and played in the bucket of dirt with the letter. Next, the children dipped and dunked the D in a bucket of water to clean it. Lastly, the children dried the D with a towel.

The children were all smilies while making, and of course eating their "worms in dirt" treat. First they made the dirt by making chocolate pudding and crushing up Oreos. Then they added the worms.

Look how cute these are! Austin brought these for "Show n' tell" for class. We sure were thinking the same thing! haha

To continue our bugs and butterflies theme the children used bingo markers to count and make caterpillars bodies. This activity helped with counting and number recognition.

These spider webs made out of paint, paper plates, and yarn were so fun to make!

To go along with our spider webs we made yummy spiders for snack! (Ritz crackers, peanut butter, twizzlers, and eye candies)

The children used salt to write their name and letters. Just look how good those letters are!!

Our last craft of the week was making these cute name caterpillars. The children had to arrange the letters in their name correctly and either write or trace their letters.

This dancing caterpillar was a HUGE hit!! It was such a fun fine motor activity as well. They had to use tweezers to grab the little balls on the caterpillars hands while the caterpillar was moving and dancing.