Week 4: Farm Animals, Cc

This week we focused on the letter Cc. The children enjoy playing with play dough to form the letters.

They enjoyed learning all about farm animals. They learned that some animals live on a farm while others live in a zoo or in the water.

The children work at their own level. Some are matching the letter sound to the animal while others are counting the number of animals on the page.

The children used q-tips to draw the letter C.

Finding the letter Cc scavenge hunt.

They children had fun making a cow. We learned that a cow drinks a bathtub of water each day!

We learned about what different animals provide us with. The children took turns choosing a picture and placing it next to the correct animal. I love to hear the children's responses, I asked the class where we get chicken from and one of my students said, "We get chicken nuggets from Mcdonalds." Another student said, "We get ice cream from the freezer." Haha They were sure right about that!

We practice writing our name everyday. Just look at how good those letters are! I am so proud of ALL my students.

The children loved "milking the cow"! They learned what was inside of the utter and how farmers milk cows.

The children climbed to the clouds last week! Our friend Cody, the puppet loves to eat anything that starts with the letter Cc. He loves candy, cookies, carrots, and cupcakes. Each child took turns finding food items that start with the letter Cc on the wall and climbed to the clouds to put their picture.

We attempted to play farm bingo! Haha

They had fun making animal tracks by using plastic animals and play dough. The created a fence and a barn with the legos.

The children loved the "Who Am I?" game. I read the description of the animal and the students had to guess which animal I was referring to. Once they all guessed, I uncovered the picture of the animal to see if they were right.

We read the story "Big Red Barn" by Margaret Brown. The children created their own barn and colored pictures to put inside their barn.

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