Week 3: My Family, Bb

We had a great week learning about each others families and the letter B. The children enjoyed choosing different sized buttons and gluing them onto the letter of the week.

The children love circle time and learning new songs. We sang A Happy Family. "I love mother; she loves me. We love daddy, yes sirree; He loves us, and so you see, We are a happy family. I love sister; she loves me. We love brother, yes sirree; He loves us, and so you see, We are a happy family."

They loved playing with the large doll house and playing make believe.

They also played with the magna tiles, blocks, babies, barbies, bristle blocks, and so much more.

The children learn the how to accurately write their upper and lower case letters by using fun color-coded construction pieces that snap together. This activity is great for practicing letter recognition and building a sturdy foundation for pre-writing.

Outside time helps children with their physical development as well as their social and emotional development. They learn how to play together and take turns.

The children had a great time playing with shaving cream. We added water colors to make it more fun. They used their finger to write the letter Bb.

This Bb scavenger hunt sheet helped the children to recognize lower and uppercase Bb.

In the picture below one student colored all the pictures that begin with the letter Bb sound. (Bat, bird, bin, bear, ect) To the right is a student practicing writing his lower and uppercase A's and B's.

We had two birthdays this week! Happy Birthday girls!

Inside this mystery bag were small objects that started with the letter A or the letter B. The children loved closing their eyes and grabbing something out of the bag. They had to tell the class if it was an "Aaa" or "Buh" sound for the letter A or B. This was a great way for the children to learn letter sounds in a fun, hands-on way.

We played a game with this red ball that had lowercase and uppercase Bb's written all over it. I asked the children, what we can do with the ball. Next, we stood in a circle and bounced the Bb ball back and forth to each other. We then, balanced the ball on our head. After that we bowled the ball against the wall. They were all smilies while playing with the Bb ball!

They colored pictures of a family and made a necklace out of the people and colorful beads.

They built their names by using play dough. The children used their finger to trace each letter by starting at the top and moving their finger downwards to trace the letter. They said the letter as they were tracing it. The children are using all different textures to learn to write and recognize their letters. So far we have used salt, shaving cream, letter construction pieces, play dough, blocks, chalkboard with water and chalk, and the dry erase board.

They all had so much fun playing with bubbles!

Practicing writing letter A's and B's

The children did a worksheet where they colored and glued pictures under the letter B if the picture made the sound, "Buh" and glued pictures under the B with an X over it if the picture did not make the sound, "Buh".

The boys building a house out of lincoln logs because that is where families live!

These are our friends "Buh Buh Buddy" and "Achoo Andy." Achoo Andy is allergic to the letter A, so whenever he saw the letter A he sneezed "ACHOOO!" I scattered all different letters throughout the room. The children wore their puppet friend and tried to find the letter A for Andy and B for Buddy. Whenever they found an A, they said "ACHOO!" and placed the A on the board. They did great finding all the A's and B's around the room. This activity was a huge hit with the kids! It was fun and the kids practiced their letter recognition skills and letter sounds.

The children had fun making a bird out of the letter B and a bee out of the lowercase b.

Since the theme was "My Family" the children were able to play with these magnets. Esther put the people in order from tallest to shortest.

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