Week 2: All About Me, Aa

The theme last week was All About Me. The children cut out their favorite things from different magazines and glued the pictures on their paper.

They loved using bingo markers to trace the letters in their name. I encouraged them to start at the top of each letter. We also went over what letters are in their name.

Since the theme was All About Me we made a graph of each child's name. They cut each letter of their name and then they arranged the letters in the correct order. They also counted how many letters were in their name.

The children love using their imagination and playing together.

The children used their fingers to write the letter A in salt.

They also used dry erase pens to trace the letter A correctly.

Each child has a notebook and they practice writing their letters.

They really liked matching the shapes on the paper to make the letter A shape.

This is Achoo Andy and he is allergic to the letter A and every time he sees the letter says achoo.

The children were able to find all the letter A's in the classroom and once they found them they put them on the dry erase board.

The children receive a lot of praise and recognition for their efforts.

Always having fun!

The children used play-doh to make the letter Aa shapes.

So many fun ways to write the letter A! We used paintbrushes and water to create the letter Aa on their individual chalkboards.

"I am special. No one has fingerprints like mine." They had a blast using their fingers (and sometimes their entire hand, haha) to create their own individual fingerprints using stamp pads. They used a magnifying class to see how unique their fingerprints are and looked closely to see that we all have different fingerprints.

A is for alligator.

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