Week 1: Welcome to Preschool

The first week of school was so much fun! We read the story "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See" by Bill Marin Jr. illustrated by Eric Carle. The children enjoyed being able to chime along.

We are working on the sounds that the letters make and the children did a great job matching the corresponding letter to the picture.

The children had fun sorting m&m's and putting them on the correct colored animal.

The children enjoyed making a bar graph using M&M's.

Each child colored and created one of these adorable bear puppets.

Each child made a super cute hand print poem to take home.

They used fun stamps and ink colors to create this master piece.

They learned how to use a glue bottle by practicing on this sheet. "Just a dot...not a lot!"

We went over the rules of our classroom and they painted their hands and put their handprints on the poster, showing that they will obey the rules.

Making brown bear toast was a real hit.

We read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault. The children enjoyed sitting around the beach towel and pulling out letters from the sand pail. The student would say the name of the letter and place it on the white dry erase board. If the child was not sure of the name of the letter their classmates helped them.

A coconut was passed around and each child was able to feel it and predict whether the coconut would sink or float. I filled up a clear tub with water and placed the coconut inside and it was exciting to see their faces as the watched the coconut float. Coconuts are less dense than water, and therefore, they will float. The children were all given a piece of coconut to taste.

The children enjoyed making their own palm tree snack out of apples, pretzel logs, cocoa puffs cereal and alpha bits.

They also had fun designing their Chicka Chicka Boom Boom headbands. They looked for the letters in their name to put on their headband.

It was such a nice day we decided to make our palm trees outside. The children glued the hexagon shapes to make the trunk, sphere shapes to make the leaves and puff balls to for the coconuts.

practicing their cutting skills with play- doh.

Playing outside is one of their favorite things to do!

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