Little Sunshine Preschool's Pre-K program uses a balanced approach that focuses on elements and attributes of the whole child. The prekindergarten academic curriculum includes literacy, reading readiness, math and science blended with equal amounts of music, art and free play. It provides an academic based learning experience that is fun and rewarding. Emphasis is placed on real-life learning opportunities and experiences.  Students will leave prepared to take on kindergarten with enthusiasm and confidence!
The reading program uses a combination of phonics and whole language with a strong emphasis on phonemic awareness. Writing activities begin with using proper pencil grip and tracing from left to right and top to bottom. Students’ progress to writing letters,  numbers, words and short sentences in their own individual notebook which can be used to observe progress over time. 
Listening and comprehension activities, rhyming, syllables and language experience stories add to giving children the sense that words have meaning and literature is fun. As children master their letters and sounds, they begin to combine them to form words and simple sentences. They continue to expand their understanding as they become beginning-level readers and continue to progress, moving from simple to complex. Literacy songs, phonics games and hands-on learning centers increase each child’s attention-span and independent learning skills.
In the pre-kindergarten math, science and art areas students enjoy exploring, manipulating and learning new concepts. Group and individual centers provide opportunities to problem solve and work together as a team. Children will learn about patterns, graphs, number recognition, counting, advanced shapes, addition, subtraction, greater than less than, time, money and measurement. 
They will also learn about the world around them as they express themselves through many mediums such as painting, gluing, collages and other pre-kindergarten art forms. Projects are new to them and more complex than those presented the previous year. Pre-kindergarten science activities are incorporated into learning centers throughout the year.
For students who have mastered the standard curriculum they will receive encouragement and supplemental activities to challenge them.  
If you walk into Little Sunshine Preschool during singing time, your heart will be filled with joy! We sing alphabet songs, theme songs, action songs and many other fun and exciting melodies. Music inspires children and sets the mood for our day of learning!
Play is a vital element of a preschool student’s experience. I create a safe, warm, atmosphere that is designed to maximize children’s creativity and imagination through role play. This interactive play strengthens character, self-esteem, speech and the ability to associate with peers of a similar age. Taking turns, sharing, interacting within a group, fine and gross motor development are all skills that are developed in daily play activities. 
Daily outdoor physical play is a fundamental element of early childhood education and is essential for healthy growing children. Playing in the large backyard gives children the opportunity to feel confident about what their bodies can do. Imagination is encouraged as they interact with their peers in this fun outdoor playground.