Little Sunshine Preschool’s ages 3 to 4 curriculum lays the foundation for your child’s Pre-Kindergarten year by focusing on pre-emergent reading and writing skills. Concepts such as letter recognition, phonemic awareness, handwriting, increased vocabulary, number recognition and fine motor skills are taught in a structured classroom environment. This program emphasizes healthy socialization through group interaction and uses age-appropriate methods to teach children useful, complex skills that they’ll use for the rest of their lives. Concepts are taught in a fun and engaging way that helps increase their love for learning and gets them excited about exploring the world around them. 
Preschoolers learn that letters have names. We begin with sight, sound, letter recognition and writing. We work on both the upper case and lower case alphabet. They consequently learn that letters can be combined to tell stories. Listening, rhyming and participating in story time discussions, give these young learners the sense that the pictures and symbols around us have meaning. Literacy songs, games and hands-on learning centers are used to increase each child’s attention-span and independent learning skills.
Writing activities begin with tracing lines from top to bottom and left to write and progress to letters and writing their name at each child’s individualized pace.  The students use different sensory tools to create letters. The purpose of this curriculum is to prepare students to move into the pre-kindergarten program, where they learn blending and other principles of reading. 
Students will begin to explore and have fun with number concepts, introductory science ideas and creative art. They will learn number recognition, counting, sorting, grouping, patterns and shapes. These concepts are reinforced throughout the preschool day by using hands-on activities. Group and individual centers provide opportunities to question and experiment as children learn about quantity, size, form and numerical relationships.
Students are given the opportunity to manipulate materials through many mediums such as play dough, painting, gluing, water colors and other creative art forms. 
If you walk into Little Sunshine Preschool during singing time, your heart will be filled with joy! We sing alphabet songs, theme songs, action songs and many other fun and exciting melodies. Music inspires children and sets the mood for our day of learning!
Play is a vital element of a preschool student’s experience. I create a safe, warm, atmosphere that is designed to maximize children’s creativity and imagination through role play. This interactive play strengthens character, self-esteem, speech and the ability to associate with peers of a similar age. Taking turns, sharing, interacting within a group, fine and gross motor development are all skills that are developed in daily play activities. 
Daily outdoor physical play is a fundamental element of early childhood education and is essential for healthy growing children. Playing in the large backyard gives children the opportunity to feel confident about what their bodies can do. Imagination is encouraged as they interact with their peers in this fun outdoor playground.